Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pizza With Bullets: What's in a Name?

Pizza with Bullets, Directed by Robert Rothbard, Screenplay by Robert Rothbard and Tony Devon; Executive Producer, Fred Caruso, has piled up accolades and awards on the Festival Circuit.  The romantic comedy starring Vincent Pastore, Talia Shire, and Ronnie Marmo is a combination of hilarious exchanges and great dialogue, never missing a beat from beginning to end. Few movies come to mind I view multiple times (trite but true), this, however, is one you will want to view again and again; why?  It is a "feel good' movie and we certainly need more of that, these days!

Most of you, myself included, never, if even remotely interested, know about the relationships of people involved with Production of a venue slated for the "big screen" (although big screen these days, does not necessarily define the "movie screen" because technology has given us the luxury of an abundance of devices to view a variety of entertainment).  Of course, there exists in myth like proportions, people related to other people in the "Biz" have more opportunities than most and although could be true (trust me, no naivety on my part; just fact).

However,  as in the words of Sam Bushman (that pesky press agent), "Many are Called, but  Few are Chosen". Makes sense to me.  Does it to you, too?  Another of Sam's or as I like to call them, Samism's "they are lucky their father came before them",  Why do I drag Sam consistently into almost all of my content distributed over three Blogs.  The answer quite simple; he knew everything about everyone, and then some.  In theory, he was the keeper of "good gossip'', or any "gossip", for that matter, yet in practice, he was the opposite.  Anything told to Sam, stayed with Sam, and never wavered from this long held practice.  He not only respected what people confided, you could, and did count, on his integrity.  Rare today in almost all facets of our lives, but probably the most missed, among his clients, family and friends.

So where were we, I digress often when it involves Sam, and why not, he was the single most important influence to many, so every opportunity I can honor his memory, I do so.  I mentioned above, Robert Rothbard and Tony Devon, serious swooning, here! were screenwriters for Pizza........ and no doubt, Tony Devon a well respected actor of his own accord and also beloved by his many fans.  I had the good fortune of meeting Tony in Philadelphia many years ago, with Sam.  What many people do not know, Tony and Robert are first cousins!  Tony's mother, Lena, was Robert's mother (Grace aka Debby), sister. They go way back of course, before either of them knew they would be where they are today, but more important, they have supported each other unconditionally over the years. I do believe, without reservation, they would have it no other way.

Incidentally, anyone who has ever worked with Robert Rothbard or Tony Devon, collectively, individually or otherwise, will surely be on the same page; these two have a connection, or an unrelenting bond.  More to be treasured, at a later date with all the "juicy" details.

Oh and before I leave, tell someone you care, be it mother, father, sister, brother, lover, friend, spouse or child.  Kind words far outweigh anything else you can do today.

      Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Datase


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