Monday, October 31, 2011

The Glamour Photographers.......

If you were a part of the "biz" in the 30's, there were a few photographers who stood out as Photographers to the Stars. Maurice Seymour of Chicago can be seen on many of the images in the archives of Sam Bushman. Along with Maurice Seymour. you will see Bruno of Hollywood, another Glam Girl photographer. They are the names you will see most often for professional images, the ones circulated to Press Agents for information; and in most instances came from the Agency representing the client, To set the record straight, early images (mostly 1930-40 and beyond) come from the personal archives of Sam Bushman, Person and Press Agent, Extraordinaire. I am the alter ego so to speak of Sam; his Child Bride as he loved to boast. I am not one to wear my emotions on my sleeve, yet when it comes to Sam, there was no one who came before him I adored as much, and as of this moment, no one who could take his place. Oh, I do not go around with some long face, sad or otherwise, hoping I might, just might find another Sam. It just is not going to happen.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Glamour Years 1930-40

Photo credit: Ray Ashman, New York
Whatever happened to all the Glitz and Glamour of an era gone by; does it exist anymore, or maybe exists in another form we do not recognize. Glamour is alive and well in 2011 and as a matter of fact, has never, to my knowledge taken a vacation, dissipated, or disappeared.
Photo Credit: Maurice Seymour Chicago